The website has gone through a slight redesign. The ideas are the same but how they are implemented have been altered. Now that i also have 2 other sites to add my designs to Victor Ring Designs are just for the team rings that i first envisioned. All designs are fully complete, listed in the RING DESIGNS section. You can order straight from that page, even adding a custom flair to the ring for a slight upcharge.

Though the original intent for this site was to make available to TEAMS as an alternative to normal trophies. These rings will be developed at a discount, even making free the coaches ring at certain levels. TEAM RINGS can be created on that page.

Presented here is the first printed ring that was sold on this site. One other ring has been printed through this site but it was in plastic.

The customer is happy with the print, the size was correct and despite the fact that it was supposed to be straight stainless steel and it came out a little more copper than expected the customer was happy with the look.

I was a little surprised  at some of the design elements that made it through the printing process and the ones that didn't. For instance, I thought that the details on the spine would come through a little better and the fangs and tongue both came through when I thought that they wouldn't.

One other thing that was surprising is the weight of the ring, it was really substantial .

Now that this first threshold has been achieved this success will catapult the designs.


Time is Running out.

December 6th is the deadline to order your ring and receive it before Christmas. As per Shapeways.com printing is on pace to be ready and lined up for delivery if orders are in on or before December 6th.

Made some tweaks to the website. Hopefully now it is a little bit easier to understand and ultimately more convenient to customers. I am still working on the first page graphic and text- not sure what I am going to do but for right now the text is staying. i will change my mind soon enough. The new graphics also use a different font than the older graphics so i will have to decide what to do with that too. Maybe i change it maybe I don't...

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It is up to date. I finally decided to completely re make this site. at first i want to make something very individualized and customized- like my rings- but ultimately i did not have the ability to. It is a big thing for me to realize that i am not all capable, but you do what you have to do to get the job done. I am not sure when i stumbled upon the idea of printing things to sell but I know that it was SHAPEWAYS was the way that i think it is to go.

For me it is perfect. I am a 3d designer. I enjoy creating things on the computer using 3d programs. This is what i do at my regular job, and this is what i am good at. There are other outlets for 3d designers out there that need some extra bucks but most of the things required either competing for a project or requires massive amounts time, talent and computer power. Even then there is no guarantee a project is going to go the way that you planned- oh and a lot of the time you you can kiss creative freedom goodbye. Designing for printing is what clicked for me. There is an intimidate possible payout and satisfaction of creating.
                                            Chris Lowe, Lead Designer